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About Us

Nothing truly defines the concepts of Festival Hotels  more than our slogan “Welcome Home". Over a decade ago we set out to create new benchmarks for the hospitality segment in Egypt. Today with 03 Red Sea resorts we have pioneered in offering a truly authentic Egyptian holiday experience, Our guests get to experience the breathtaking Red Sea weather, indigenous Egyptian culture and history from each hotel's unique location. However, we know that even the best locations and offerings would be meaningless without outstanding guest service. For that we are very keen at providing you with a team of dedicated and highly professional employees, committed to providing you with a truly memorable holiday experience.Times will change but our dedication to perfecting the Red Sea Travel experience never will. Our priorities are straightforward; simply, giving you a home away from home, and creating unforgettable holiday experiences of supreme comfort and enjoyment set against a backdrop of exquisite Egyptian craftsmanship.

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